Printing wedding decorations
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Printing wedding decorations

I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest, and I love the look of the weddings I see on there. I am getting married in the summer, and I am getting some beautiful custom posters printed up for our reception with phrases and pictures that mean a lot to us. I wanted to make sure that the posters were a good quality because I want to frame some to use in our home afterwards. The local printer has done a great job, and I am so excited about our wedding. This blog has some tips on getting beautiful wedding decorations printed at a local printer.


Printing wedding decorations

How to Create Memorable Invitations to Your Child's Birthday Party

Perry Byrd

A good party starts with an amazing invitation. Follow the tips below to create invites that are fun, memorable, personalized and interactive, and your child's party will be the most talked about event on the playground. Have your invitations professionally printed in full colour for the best quality, or let your child help with making them for a sweet, homemade look.

Make them part of a theme

Designing invitations which fit into the 'world' of your party isn't hard but makes them way more interesting than plain, generic invites. For a pirate party, you could create an invitation which looks like an old map by tea staining paper and burning the edges, and then rolling them up and securing them with red ribbon or a wax seal. For a magical party, create an invite that looks plain and boring on the outside, but unfolds to reveal bright colours and glitter. A printer with colour multifunction will mean vibrant, interesting looking invitations. For a wildlife party, make invitations shaped like giant leaves, or go one step further and write on real leaves in permanent marker.

Personalise each invitation

Personalised invites will make your young guests feel really special, and they'll be much more likely to attend your child's party. Creating fun, alternative names is a lot of fun and will delight kids. For a pirate party, make up names like, 'Peter the Parrot', 'Sarah the Scallywag' and 'Arrrr'thur'. If your party involves animals, then you could allocate a different species to each child or split guests into two teams, like elephants and tigers, who can compete during party games. For parties without too many guests, you can put even more effort into customisation. Take a photo of the child whose invite it is and superimpose it onto a fun background, like a ship, jungle or princess castle.

Include interactive elements

Birthday invitations can seem pretty boring to kids, and it's likely that they might chuck your child's invite into the bottom of their school bag without even showing their parents. Including interactive elements like puzzles and games is a great way to get kids excited before the party. You might have a word search that reveals the different activities that will be on offer — like, 'bouncy castle', 'musical chairs' or 'magician'. You could also create a map that shows how to get to the party venue or a quiz on the theme of the party. For example, if it's a jungle theme, make up questions about different animals and offer a prize for each completed entry.