Printing wedding decorations
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Printing wedding decorations

I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest, and I love the look of the weddings I see on there. I am getting married in the summer, and I am getting some beautiful custom posters printed up for our reception with phrases and pictures that mean a lot to us. I wanted to make sure that the posters were a good quality because I want to frame some to use in our home afterwards. The local printer has done a great job, and I am so excited about our wedding. This blog has some tips on getting beautiful wedding decorations printed at a local printer.


Printing wedding decorations

When It's Best to Send Printing Work Out to Professionals

Perry Byrd

Many of today's office printers and copiers are very versatile and offer a wealth of options that were not available on such machines even just a few years ago; this can include printing from a remote location, adding watermarks to what you print, and other such details. However, there are times when it's still good to send your work out to a professional printing company rather than relying on your own machine; note when this is and why their services can be so beneficial to you.

1. When printing on photo paper

Photo paper is known to be very shiny and slick, so that it can reflect light and make photos look better overall. However, this slick surface also causes photo paper to easily slide through the rollers of a machine and get caught so that the machine jams. It can also slide around inside the machine so that the printing is off-centre or crooked. To avoid these hassles and ensure your printing comes out in perfect alignment, send the job to a professional whose machines have rollers that are meant specifically to hold photo paper in place.

2. When printing marketing materials

Your marketing materials need to look impressive to your potential clients and customers, which means you need to pay attention to not only their design and wording, but also their printing. It's easy to think you can print up your own flyers or business cards or other pieces, but if they don't come out looking stellar, they can actually be a turnoff to potential customers, as people may assume your business is just as unprofessional. No matter the materials or their design, always leave their printing to the pros.

3. For larger jobs

Your copier at the office may say that it can handle a certain number of prints in one job or during one day, but very often machines that are not commercial quality will start to overheat after several minutes of operation, and this causes excess wear and tear on their internal parts. In turn, you may see your machine start to break down sooner rather than later. The longer your machine runs, the more likely it is that paper being fed through it is going to jam inside the rollers, and this can slow down your workflow and also cause damage inside your machine. Note that the cost of sending out a job may be less than the cost of repairing your machine from all this added wear and tear from larger jobs.