Printing wedding decorations
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Printing wedding decorations

I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest, and I love the look of the weddings I see on there. I am getting married in the summer, and I am getting some beautiful custom posters printed up for our reception with phrases and pictures that mean a lot to us. I wanted to make sure that the posters were a good quality because I want to frame some to use in our home afterwards. The local printer has done a great job, and I am so excited about our wedding. This blog has some tips on getting beautiful wedding decorations printed at a local printer.


Printing wedding decorations

The various types of materials you can use to make customised labels

Perry Byrd

If you are trying to market a product in the current diverse market, an obvious step that you should consider would be creating an attractive, clear and interesting label. A beautiful and uniquely designed label will give the product a significant visual appeal, which may boost the chances of your product being noticed and bought by your target customers.

One main factor that enhances the success of a label is the material used to create it. The material plays an integral part in labelling as it mostly determines the final appearance of the customised printed labels. Each customer is attracted by specific label design and appearance, so it is imperative you select the appropriate material for your label. The following are examples of materials that are used to make labels.

Glossy white material

The glossy white label material is also referred to as semi-gloss, and it takes the form of a painted canvas. This allows you to design and transform the plain white canvas into your desired label. It is fairly easy to achieve crisp, clear texts and exciting colours because of the glossy coating. Digital printing and flexographic are two printing methods that you can use on this material to create an exceptional label that draws the customer's attention.  

Clear label material

The clear label material consists of a transparent film with water resisting attributes, which makes them highly recommended for use with beverages, beauty products and food labels. The material's transparent attribute creates an 'invincible' feel to the label, which enables the use of bold colours and stunning label artwork.

Matte white material

The matte white label material is a popular choice of material for most label makers. This material displays a fresh and beautiful look, which makes it different from other materials like the glossy white. The lack of a glossy coating on the matte white material results in a softer and clearer appearance, which creates a more natural and stylish label. This material is mostly used on beauty product containers to attract its customers because of its elegant appearance.

Waterproof material

The waterproof material is combined with other types of materials to create labels with waterproofing capabilities. This also ensures that the labels can resist the damaging effects of the sun, water and other chemicals. This material increases the durability of the labels and makes them withstand harsh conditions. You can transport them to any destination without any damage to the label.